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Posted on Monday, January 23rd, 2012 by

Eater National – Tiring of Taco Bell? Applebees just too Average? Want to find somewhere new and cool to eat in your local area (US only)? Well then it’s time for you to put Eater on your menu! With dedicated pages for most of the USA’s major cities (and a National page for those that aren’t on the list), you can find great places to eat and drink, whether you want the top restaurants or somewhere to fit your budget.

The Eater's post about ehe top 38 restaurants in SF this January: Click to find your City

It’s a really fun site to navigate around, with maps pinpointing great local eateries… and even heatmaps to take you to the hottest trending locales! There’s a wide selection of posts to browse through, including “Best Business Lunches”, “Best Late Night Specials” and even “Best Drunk Food” (!), although some cities’ posts are more extensive than others. In general there’s more than enough to get along with however, so click here or on the pic to pick out your next evening out.

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