Weekly Faves – October 15

Posted on Sunday, October 21st, 2007 by

mixx Mixx – The battle with Digg has begun. It kind of reminds me the battle of Google-Yahoo. Does Mixx have a chance? My personal opinion is Yes. If you have interests other than technology and you like the Digg concept, you’ve probably realized that Digg has some serious limitations in terms of scope. Enter Mixx and go through dozen of categories so you can get the kind of news you’re actually interested in.

tonemine ToneMine – Be Beethoven of your ring tone. Invent your own ring tone, unleash your musical genius. ToneMini enables you to compose, mix and create your own killer ring tone. It sounds complicated but it actually is very simple, the great part is that upon finalizing your ring tone you can share it with the world.

gurgle GurgleThe ultimate parenting and pregnancy resource. Articles, videos, experts and answers to any questions you could ask.

yoink`d Yoink’d – Yoink’d has a big vision, they truly want to change the way people view media on the web. The goal of Yoink’d is to simplify the video world for new adapters that want more than just viewing the video. You can use Yoink’d as a media player, use it to find new videos on your own or through the Yoink’d community and you can share it with the world using the Yoink’d widget. It isn’t as intuitive as Youtube, however, when someone aims to change the world, it takes the world time to understand them. I feel they are capable. Do you?

dailyme DailyMe – DailyMe is kinda like Google Alerts but more specified only to news. Make your personal newspaper only with the content that you like/need. The only thing that is required from you is to set your news preferences and the related articles will be sent back to you upon publication. You can even set it up that it will be sent directly to your printer but please remember the environment, if you don’t really need it as hard copy keep it on the net.

bix Bix – Relatively large rewards ($50,000!) for competing in areas you love …. Singing, dancing, writing, you name it. Even if you don’t feel like competing you might enjoy viewing and judging others. Bix is all about fun, after all the essence of life is to have fun. Check out this Karaoke performance, I am sure they are having fun.

friction Friction.tv – What do you want to tell the world ? Friction.tv gives you the opportunity to air your views and respond to the opinions of others. You can debate issues of local interest to you or discuss points of global importance. So what are you waiting for. Go debate. Make a difference.

gigapan GigaPan – Dive into the panoramas and discover a “wider world”. GigaPan is more than just viewing. You can share amazing panoramic photos. This is my favorite Waffle 🙂 What is yours?

dripbook DripbookDiego Rivera said I’ve never believed in God, but I believe in Picasso.” Well you won’t find Diego or Picasso or God at Dripbook but you will find many talented upcoming artists sharing there work with the world.

monoface MonoFace – A Brilliant time wasting flash application, click on the parts of the face to cycle through them and create freakishly realistic faces, maybe this will be the future of police sketches. Have fun.

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