Purple Carrot: Plant-Based Meals, Delivered

Posted on Wednesday, December 6th, 2017 by

Purple Carrot is a boxed meal delivery service featuring 100% plant-based foods.

Blue Apron for Vegans

Purple Carrot is a twist, in both name and concept, on boxed meal delivery service Blue Apron. Like Blue Apron, and the numerous competitors that have sprung up in recent years, Purple Carrot sends a box of ingredients and recipes to subscribers’ homes each week. The recipes are designed to be quick and easy to follow, and minimize both the inconvenience of buying groceries and the risk of waste that comes with doing so. The only difference is that Purple Carrot’s meals are 100% plant-based. I personally tried making the company’s vegan mac ‘n cheese, and while the recipe wasn’t extremely easy for a complete novice, non-vegan chef to follow, it ended up tasting pretty good.


Ethically Responsible

Purple Carrot’s menu is unique compared to other vegetarian and vegan meal services because it doesn’t focus on meat substitutes like tofu or (aside from my vegan mac ‘n cheese, of course) overload subscribers with cheesy meals. Everything is cooked with vegetables, offering a healthier alternative as well as a way to learn how to cook meals that we may not be used to making. Eating a plant-based diet, of course, is also ultimately better for the environment. Purple Carrot appears to be taking an ethically-conscious approach to boxed meal delivery service, providing a much needed change for the industry in the process.

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