CycloManiacs – Epic: Our Psychedelic Racing Game of the Week!

Posted on Monday, March 18th, 2013 by

Cyclomaniacs Epic is the latest release of the Cyclomaniacs series, delivering a high tempo and crazy race riding ridiculous carts and bikes.

Insane Race!

On Cyclomaniacs Epic you will be racing around with crazy characters doing crazy things in crazy backdrops. If you love flash game racing that is highly ridiculous and also features a lot of unlockable challenges then Cyclomaniacs Epic is perfect for you. Use the [WASD] or [arrow] keys to brake, accelerate, and keep your balance as you race other ridiculous characters riding preposterous carts to the finish line across each stage, performing as brilliant stunts as you can to unlock new levels and characters.

It’s not all about your Location…

One of the things that make Cyclomaniacs Epic so much fun to play is the fact that you don’t have to win the race in order to unlock cool stuff, you must complete mini challenges like having lots of air time, doing a front willy for 10 seconds etc. doing so will unlock more tracks to run and characters to play on, including coins to spend on upgrades for your ride. The gameplay didn’t change much on this new version and it seems a little like level pack sequels, but it is still a very fun game to play that will entertain you for hours. Get on that cart or bike and start racing, you can play it for free here.



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