Food Genie: Decide Where to Eat

Posted on Tuesday, March 14th, 2017 by

Food Geniefoodgenie5 takes the “I don’t know” out of deciding where to eat.

A Magical Genie to Cure Indecisiveness

foodgenie1I have a problem with decision-making. That problem is exacerbated when it comes to deciding what to eat for lunch and/or dinner. The answer should always be that I should make something at home, but the reality is that a lot of the time I’m going to end up eating out. Food Genie, maybe, is here to save me. The app aims to get you out of your “restaurant rut” by helping you discover new and interesting places to eat. It does so by working with Yelp, and letting you filter by food type, distance, and a variety of other factors in order to point you in the right direction.


Spin the Wheel!

foodgenie2At its most basic level, Food Genie is not a new concept. Many other apps have tried to offer a similar service, and many of them have failed. Food Genie’s appeal lies primarily in its attractive design — you’re asked to spin a colorful wheel before the app presents its option to you. If you buy into the design your decision-making issues may be solved. Of course, Food Genie isn’t a cure-all for indecisiveness. You could disagree with whatever restaurant it recommends to you, or keep spinning the wheel over and over again without ever actually going anywhere. But the app does offer a fun way to find new places to eat around you, whenever you do decide to actually go.

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