Aeon Ideas: Question Everything

Posted on Wednesday, July 15th, 2015 by

aeonideas1Aeon Ideas is a place for conversations about ideas that matter.

What’s Your Question?

aeonideas5Aeon Ideas, like Aeon Film is another site created by digital publication Aeon Magazine. The purpose of Aeon Ideas, however, is much different than those two sites. The platform exists for users to ask questions, receive answers and get into discussions about anything. Its layout and format is similar to Quora (down to the color scheme), but the types of questions that are asked are usually radically different. The homepage contains open-ended questions like “What would you fight for?” as well as more esoteric questions like “Is postmodernism still valid today?” Answers can be as long as users want, and they’re all viewable in a clean stream beneath the question.


Ideas That Really Matter

aeonideas3Aeon Ideas is currently in beta mode, and it’s not expected to be launched in full until September 2015. It still contains plenty of thought-provoking questions and responses on various topics. Categories on the site include Philosophy, Science, Psychology, Health, Society, Technology, and Culture. You probably shouldn’t come to Aeon Ideas to get a response about something specific like you would on Yahoo Answers. It’s more of a community-based platform to discuss the big ideas that really matter. The site has plenty of room to grow — and it could be improved by having a larger base of users asking and engaging in questions on a more regular basis — but it’s had a strong start. The support of Aeon Magazine and the strength of the idea alone should make it a must-visit site when it fully launches later this year.


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