Greek Streak: Custom Apparel For Greek Life

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Screen shot 2015-11-10 at 12.49.45 AMHow many people does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Three. One to hold the ladder, one to screw the bulb in, and one to make a t-shirt. Greek Streak are the ones ready to make the t-shirts and other custom apparel!

What Does Your Shirt Say?

Screen shot 2015-11-10 at 12.51.49 AMGreek Streak is the only place a greek chapter or member needs to go for all things greek apparel. Greek Streak is custom apparel for sororities and fraternities all over the country. The company was created by Greeks, for Greeks. The staff of Greek Streak consists of current sorority and fraternity members who are constantly changing the apparel for Greeks. When chapters use Greek Streak, they can choose to create their own unique design, or find a print already created. No matter the design, your chapter will be the best dressed on campus. Once ordered through Greek Streak, the apparel will arrive on your door step super fast. When ordering, a design from the design gallery can be chosen and from there the designs can be customizable to match a chapter’s personality. If a chapter is looking for something completely new and different, sketches can be sent in, and whole new design will be created by one of the talented designers. If you’re not ready to commit to an order, or want to get prices to your chapter first, you can ask for a quote to know exactly how much each member will need to spend. With so many events with in a greek organization, there has to be shirts to commemorate them. Greek Streak has the best designs, and they’re willing to work with everyone to create the ultimate customized shirt. Greek Streak is the only design site you’ll need to use!

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