Brave Shorties: The Princess’ Fate Is In Your Hands

Posted on Tuesday, November 17th, 2015 by

Brave ShortiesIn Brave Shorties you may be small, but you sure are mighty.

Save The Princess!

Brave ShortiesWhen you play Brave Shorties, you have to use your swords and your arrows and defeat the bad guys to save the princess! That’s your only job, just get it done before you’re killed (but you’re awesome, so you won’t be killed). You’ll travel through your map and defeat your opponents. You have the swords, and each level you get a new member to add to your teams. Once you receive a new member for your team, you place them in the formation of your desire. If you want to place them in the back, top, front, whatever, it’s up to you how you attack. Each level is increasingly harder, did you think the bad guys would give up the Princess that easy? Don’t get cocky though, as you gain more soldiers for your team, the bad guys grow in numbers as well. Good luck saving the Princess when you play Brave Shorties.

Brave Shorties

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