Code Kingdoms: Solve Puzzles By Learning Code

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Code KingdomsTo solve these puzzles, kids are going to have think outside of the box and learn to code with Code Kingdoms.

Fun And Educational

Code KingdomsKids are always online playing games, rotting their minds (according to adults). So why not have kids learn something from the games they’re playing? When kids sit down to start using Code Kingdoms, they will actually be learning something and not just sitting mindlessly for hours at a time. Code Kingdoms is inspiring kids to learn one of the must have skills of the 21st century, coding. Code gives kids and adults unlimited freedom on the Internet, and Code Kingdoms is giving kids the opportunity to be creative with code. Code Kingdoms is a game where kids build and protect their own worlds, but to do so, they have to code.

Code Kingdoms

Game On

Code KingdomsCode Kingdoms is for kids ages 6-13 to learn computational thinking with real coding language. For kids to lean coding, it’s promoting skills such as: problem solving, teamwork and time management. Any game can be challenging in some way or another, and as players go through the game and reach new lands, they’ll learn programming concepts from the ground up. As kids keep coding, they’ll solve and build puzzles, develop new coding and problem solving skills that help you move forward in the game. The coding starts off with simple tasks and as they progress, more coding skills will be developed. This game doesn’t have to be all individually, kids can work with others and conquer the puzzles together!¬†With Code Kingdoms, kids are not only having fun playing a game, but they’re challenging themselves and having fun.

Code Kingdoms

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