Foremost — Small-batch, American-made Clothing

Posted on Monday, February 23rd, 2015 by

foremost11Foremost offers a monthly collection of small-batch, American-made clothing for men and women.

One New Outfit for Men and Women Each Month

Foremost is an online clothing store that favors quality over quantity. The site makes a limited amount of items available for purchase only once each month. It just recently launched, so only one edition has been offered thus far. foremostfinalFor both men and women, however, the first edition contains a great collection of clothing. Each collection is designed to be worn as one outfit, so there will typically be three to five items created on a monthly basis. All of the items, though designed to be worn together, are available for individual purchase. The first month’s men’s edition features a sweatshirt, button-down shirt, chino pants and a leather belt. The women’s version contains a linen top, gold necklace, faux fur vest and a skirt.


foremostfinal2Three to Five Items, Available for Individual Purchase

Foremost is different than any other online store because of its limited editions, small-batch production, and emphasis on high-quality, American-made goods. It even goes a step beyond all of those great qualities by providing backstories behind all of the clothing items it features. Both the men’s and women’s editions feature unique videos of a model wearing the clothes, as well as an interview with the people behind them. The site also provides a written transcript of those interviews. It’s a cool way to gain some additional insight into the clothing your purchasing, adding interesting stories and background to an overall positive shopping experience.


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