Daily Secret: Discover the Secrets of Your City

Posted on Tuesday, November 13th, 2012 by

Have you been living in the same city for years or even your whole life? Maybe you’re visiting a new place and have a few days to spare but want to know one of the local gems. Daily Secret is all about helping you find the best kept secrets your city has to offer…

Find the Gems of Your City

Daily secret is another daily emails service. And like many others, it really could bring added value to your inbox. This time it’s all about what’s going on in your city. Unlike Groupon and LivingSocial, Daily Secret shares no deals with you, but instead lets you in on a secret about the city. Whether it’s a new restaurant, classes, events, and more, Daily Secret has something new for you to discover.

“special experiences you never knew existed but now can’t live without”

Based out of Athens, Greece, the creators of Daily Secret believe that the secrets are so precious, that you should only share it with your close friends. Have a hidden place to share with a few readers? Tell a secret by suggesting your favorite spot, why it deserves to be a secret, the address, and Daily Secret will do the rest. Each secret of the city has a full description, the neighborhood, and a Google map point of the location. You can even receive a Daily Secret about hidden spots all over the world.

Next time you find that your city is full of the same places and spaces, look again. There might be a daily secret that is just waiting to be discovered.

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