AllMyFaves App: The Best Web Browser for Mobile 2013

Posted on Monday, February 4th, 2013 by

Get ready to turn in your old web browser for mobile, because the AllMyFaves app is finally here. Yes, that’s right, AllMyFaves – the web’s most simple, visual homepage – has finally released a free iPhone app and mobile website (if you’re on Android) that will revolutionize how you browse the web on your mobile.

Why is AllMyFaves the best web browser for mobile?

It’s all about simplicity, folks. As the great Leonardo Da Vinci once said, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. And what makes AllMyFaves the most simple browser for mobile is that it’s all based around the concept of TOUCH & GO: We provide you with the logos of the most popular websites in a wide variety of categories, and you touch them and go! Couldn’t be more simple? Nope, not even a tiny bit.

Searching the Web on AllMyFaves Browser for Mobile:

Because the AllMyFaves browser for mobile is committed to keeping it simple, we figured that your web search for mobile should be as simple as possible too. So we’ve come up with a nifty way of letting you search wherever you actually want to. So let’s say you’re interested in ‘Ravens Super Bowl XLVII’. There will be a wide variety of websites you would probably want to check – whether it’s hunting Ravens merchandise on eBay, to checking the latest news on CNN, to spotting up on some Wikipedia facts. On the AllMyFaves App, you can search all the top sites in just one touch!

But what if I have an Android phone?!

While an AllMyFaves app for Android is currently still in development, thankfully, you can still access the AllMyFaves Browser for Mobile simply by typing into your current mobile web browser. You’ll get the exact same layout (albeit without the search options). If you’re an AllMyFaves member with your own personalized homepage, you can access this on your mobile too, in a lovely, touch-friendly layout.

 Bottom Line: Best Browser for Mobile?

Well what more is there to say really! If we were you, we would already be in that app store, downloading the AllMyFaves browser for mobile. But hey, we’re not you. We’ve already downloaded it. And our lives are much simpler. Fancy joining the revolution? Click here to download the AllMyFaves App and experience the best web browser for mobile 2013.

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