It’s Worth to Download Spotify

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spotfifyffDo you listen to music often? While at work, going on a run, or sitting on a plane? Which application do you use? You should consider Spotify.

Why Choose Spotify?

Tired of buying individual songs or full albums on iTunes? Do you illegally download songs from Youtube or SoundCloud? Either way, with advances in modern day technology, it’s a lose/lose situation when you have to pay for each individual song or illegally add music. The solution? Download Spotify. Spotify Premium, to be exact. Here are the differences between the three versions of Spotify and why I think Spotify Premium is worth it:

Spotify Free – Music Online

If you don’t mind having to listen to advertisements in between a few songs or don’t mind not being able to skip each song, this is the one for you. The free version allows you to play any playlist you want. You can’t stream the music if you don’t have an internet connection but you can make your own playlists when you do have the connection. You can skip a few times if you don’t like a song that is playing but it only gives you a limited amount of skips. There’s also a certain amount of time a day you can listen to it (if you need to listen to music for more than 10 hours, I would skip this option).


Spotify Unlimited – No Ads

The difference between Unlimited and Free is that you can play as many songs as you want without having to listen to advertisements. Of course there is a price of $4.99 a month but if you can listen to as many songs as possible, without having to stress about the limited number of skips, this one’s for you. Unlimited is similar to Premium. However, you cannot use Unlimited on offline mode (which is how to listen to a song without Internet connection).

Spotify around the world.

Spotify Premium – Free Music Downloads

Premium is definitely the best choice out of all the versions of Spotify. The music choices are unlimited, you can play as many songs as you want, and listen to all the radio Spotify offers. You only pay $9.99 a month, but you have the option to make your music selections offline so you can play it whenever you want and wherever you want (I’m looking at you, world travelers!). The music quality is top notch. You will find music from EDM to Country to Alt-Rock, just like the other two options of Spotify.


If the price for Premium and Unlimited is worrisome to you, there are student discounts if you are enrolled in a school. Just remember that on iTunes or SoundCloud, you have to pay for each song whereas Spotify has a set price for each month with unlimited music. The only downside of Spotify is this: Taylor Swift won’t allow her music on it. So if you are a huge Taylor Swift fan and can’t listen to anyone but her, this might not be for you. Otherwise, download Spotify today!

Click here for a chart with the break down of each version of Spotify! If you aren’t able to use Spotify or want to try another service, check out this Wibki page for other options to choose from!

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