Futureme.org: Send An Email Back To The Future

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Future Me: Have you ever wanted to write your future self a letter, to be opened at a set date in the future? Well FutureMe.org is a simple website set up to let you do just that!

This is a letter I wrote to the future me (yes you can read it! ;))

Dear future me:

When you’re writing this, it’s 29th April 2012. You’re currently living abroad and working for an amazing website, finally accomplishing your dream of having a job you actually like and a life experience that you’ll never forget. I really hope when you read this, two years from now, you’ll still have the great life you chose and if possible a boyfriend too. If not, stop wasting your time and find one. You’re getting older. And please, get rid of those piercings once and for all… you’re not 15 any more.

Sincerely, yourself

– To be delivered 29th April 2014

A Weekly Fave with an interesting story…

The story of FutureMe.org as a Weekly Fave took place twice: today, and the same day four years ago. Roy, our co-founder and chief Weekly Faves finder received an email today… from himself four years ago but meant to be read now! He’d actually checked out FutureMe back then to see what would happen, and completely forgotten about it, only to be reminded again today. So this shows us that if you really want to keep a great anecdote, send your future self a few words of inspiration or kick yourself in the pants (like Roy did…), this is the best way to do it! Pretty fun if you ask us…

We’re not the only crazy ones writing letters to ourselves 😉 

One of the best features of FutureMe.org is its little twist on the privacy issue: you can post – and they encourage you to do so – your letters as public but anonymous, which means all the users of the site get to read them without having your identity revealed. And of course, you get to read theirs too. I found it quite interesting to read other people’s advice to their friends, families and even themselves and felt inspired by their life stories. So, don’t be shy and start your career as a mysterious writer. Your future self will be grateful!

And finally…

If the Doc could send a letter to be delivered on the highway in front of the future Lyon Estates and only to a person responding to the name of “Marty McFly”, at the same place and time as when he disappeared when lightning struck the DeLorean, you can definitely nail this website!

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