I see your true colors (live from Paris and Milan)

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Let’s play a little association game: Think of a DIY tool and a colour… (If you thought of a red hammer you picked the same as 98% of the people asked this question at the All My Faves HQ!) Now think of a DRESS and a color… Not quite so easy this time is it… unless you use the Pimkie Color Forecast that is! Pimkie – a European clothing label for “energetic young women” has developed the Color Forecast – a fun, little tool to help you pick the perfect color outfit to wear… it lets you see what colors people are wearing right now in the fashion capitals of Paris, Milan and Antwerp… and it’s not creepy at all… honest…

Tell me, tell me, tell me all about it!

Pimkie Color Forecast is basically a fun gimmick made to market Pimkie, but then there’s nothing wrong with that if it’s good. And what it does is great! As soon as you reach Pimkie Color Forecast, you’ll find yourself staring at three irresistible options: Paris, Milan and (slightly less irresistable…) Antwerp. It then gives you a peek at one of your chosen city’s main streets and – most importantly of course – what the people over there are wearing! 

The website’s software processes the colors captured on the ‘streetcams’ to find out what colors are trending at any precise moment in that city, and then gives you clothes suggestions from Pimkie in that particular color. For example, as I’m writing this article, Paris seems to be dressed in red, and this picture sums up the ever-changing Parisian color trends, and what I’ve been suggested to wear as a result, right now:

As you can see, it’s colorful, fun and might just make you (at least feel) like you’re on trend with the ever fashionable Europeans! So click here to let Pimkie help you ‘paint your day’ with the most fashionable clothing colors in Europe. 

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