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Posted on Monday, July 2nd, 2012 by

It’s time to diagnose me! We review the HealthTap Q&A app and website, where you get real, expert health answers on your symptoms, from real health experts.

Got health questions? Get expert answers on this app…

When people have symptoms and health issues they should get a doctor’s opinion. Unfortunately getting a doctor to see you usually involves bureaucracy, money and of course time. That means you’ll probably try everything else online first – asking a website (or maybe your grandmother…) to “diagnose me”. HealthTap is a new Q&A website and app that tries to answer this need by connecting people with doctors who give professional advice you can trust, free of charge.

What does HealthTap do that other Q&A health sites/apps don’t?

HealthTap already has more than 6,000 doctors and 500 healthcare institutions on hand to answer your health and symptom questions. But patients asking questions and physicians answering them is pretty ordinary by itself. HealthTap’s added value is that it motivates the doctors to stay engaged by rewarding better answers with higher ‘trust’ rankings, better reputation and peer recognition.

An Anonymous, Medical Social Network…

HealthTap’s moto is that they believe that everyone has the right to free, reliable, and independent health information. They offer a really useful service of medical Q & A that everyone benefits from: patients get answers and doctors get more clients who are exposed to them through this platform. All in all it’s a sort of a medical social media where you reveal intimate details about yourself while remaining anonymous. I wish you all health but if by any reason you are not, try HealthTap out.

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