Ella: The Human Kindness App

Posted on Monday, July 23rd, 2018 by

Ella helps you discover the charities and causes that speak to you.

Making Charity More Transparent

There are tons of charities—both with strong online presences and without—that purport to do good for the world. Simply due to the vast amount of charities in the world, it can be difficult for people to find organizations that support the causes about which they’re most passionate. Because charity websites inevitably only talk about the good things they do for the world, it can be similarly difficult for people to find organizations which they can trust with their donated time or money. Ella aims to solve all of those issues. The site’s goal is to make charity more transparent, by highlighting charities that support various causes and reporting statistics and ratings of those organizations.

Dive In And Learn

Ella displays the publicly available financial information of the charities listed on its site, including income and expenditure over several years’ time. It’s a wonderfully useful tool for determining whether you’re going to be putting your money to good use before making the decision to donate. The site also describes several of the most common problems that charities around the world have been formed to solve. Each issue’s page contains a description of the problem, as well as the solutions that have been attempted. You can then browse the various charities contributing to that particular cause, and, again, view their ratings and financial history. There aren’t quite enough ratings yet, but for those interested in donating or contributing to charities, or just keeping track of what’s going on in the charity world, Ella is an incredibly useful tool.

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