Splitwise: Splitting the Rent or Bill has Never Been Easier

Posted on Wednesday, November 14th, 2012 by

Are you growing tired of having those awkward conversations between roommates about unpaid bills? Do you continuously forget to pay your roommate because you can’t remember how much you owe? Splitwise is here to help you make your roommate and bill paying situation easier.

Stress free rent splitting

We all dream of a perfect roommate situation, everyone gets along, people share responsibilities of cleaning the bathroom, and bills are split evenly. Splitwise is making the latter a lot easier.  Pick your type of home, invite your roommates and start sorting out bills. Want to calculate how much each roommate owes for the monthly bill, but each person owes a different percentage? Splitwise has a calculator that allows you to manipulate the percentages and prices.

Never Fret About Awkward Bill Conversations Again

Every bill can be created between multiple people and recorded as once, weekly, monthly, or more. Create IOU’s for yourself or someone who owes you. If you want to turn it into a PDF, Splitwise has a neat little button that organizes all of the information in one nice document.

The creators of Splitwise say, “Splitwise solves the problem of dealing with shared bills and expenses – whether that’s sharing an apartment with roommates, renting a vacation house with a group, or just spotting your friend some cash at a bar or restaurant.” With every great website is an app to go with it too, and Splitwise – with iOS and Android apps – is no exception. These are worth a download too.

Travel Calculator: Splitting Vacation Expenses

Going on a vacation with friends and splitting expenses can be quite a headache. Splitwise introduced a travel calculator intended just for this. Put in how many nights the trip is, how long each person is staying, and select how you want the calculator to be divided. You can then send the information to your friends so the bill will be paid for and no questions about who owes what are necessary.

Splitwise also has it’s own blog worth a look, because everyone loves reading about other peoples’ roommate horror stories, how to keep your home warm for cheap, and various topics about being a homeowner, renter, or living with other people.

So if you need to get your house and travel expenses sorted, Splitwise is a useful website answering a simple, common need, and doing it pretty darn well!

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