SmartAsset: Personalized financial advice

Posted on Monday, August 6th, 2012 by

SmartAsset is an online technology platform that helps the average person make better financial decisions.

Be financially smart

As the world still licks its wounds after the 2008 global financial crisis, we’ve all learned (often the hard way) the the importance of making educated financial decisions. SmartAsset is here to help the ‘financially challenged’ among us to know whether it is or isn’t in our ability to make a financial obligation.

SmartAsset applies powerful financial modeling technology to major financial decisions – and by that supplies us with personalized recommendations and information to answer our challenging financial questions.

Take advice from experts

According to Michael Carvin, CEO & Co-Founder of SmartAsset, its mission is simple: To enable greater financial independence by bringing unparalelled transparency to decision making.

That means providing people with accurate, easy to understand advice, customized to speak directly to their personal needs. “In wake of the recent financial crisis“, says Carvin, “consumer attitudes toward their finances have changed – people are generally more cautious but are also seeking greater independence in managing their money.”

SmartAsset gives financial advice you can actually understand!

Getting an advice from SmartAsset will require you to answer a series of questions about your income, deductions, assets, geography, expenses, etc… Based on your data SmartAsset will give you personalized advice on what is affordable to you and how a purchase will affect your cash flow. It’s a great tool for financial decision making, try it and save your capital.

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