Laughing Squid: Good art, served with a twist of humor…

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LaughingSquid is a carefully curated blog that  features interesting art, culture & technology from around the web.

What is the Squid laughing at?

LaughingSquid’s  main objective is exposing people to unique and interesting art, culture and technology. Its secret objective is fusing artists and technology oriented people together so that artists will know what resources are available to promote their work.

In turn artists give the tech guys some color to add to their grey industrial lives. Most posts on LaughingSquid are humorous but the way I see it, it’s their way to make art less tiresome for the average Joe.

How do they make a $?

The website has some affiliations but is making most of its revenue through web hosting individuals, artists and bloggers. The content is nicely curated with clever humor and without the usual self-importance art blogs sometimes tend to possess. Even the website’s name has no relevance to art and was chosen only because the site’s team loves squids (as you can see in their tribute blog:

When art meets technology…

All in all, Laughing Squid is a pretty useful art blog, written and curated by people who truly love their discipline, but have a sense of humor about it too. Check out the blog here.


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