Burpple – App of the Week: Never Forget Beautiful Food Again!

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Ever heard of a “foodfolio”? Well you will once you’ve tried out Burpple, which lets you remember special restaurants and home cooked creations through yours and your friends’ photos.

Why do we need Burpple?

Dixon Chan, co-founder of Burpple, thinks that Burpple is a much needed app because there’s just too much effort in trying to remember the details of that delicious meal you had last Tuesday (and beyond of course). And above anything else, it’s almost impossible to find old food posts shared on Facebook and Twitter. Not only that, if you want to find a new restaurant, review sites are filled with the opinions of people you just don’t care about.

So instead of struggling to search for restaurants you’ve enjoyed (and ones you will enjoy but haven’t yet sampled), Burpple’s lovely app has the solution: a ‘foodfolio’ of all your culinary triumphs, and opinions on restaurants from the people whose taste you trust. “We dream of a world connected through food moments.” says Chan, and that is what Burpple is all about.

How does Burpple actually work?

The app is simple, you take a picture or choose an old one of the food, and Burpple remembers the place, the date and even the type of meal you had. You curate your food moments into customizable collection of boxes. You choose the theme of the boxes: Special Dinner Dates, Home-Cooked Creations, or Wishlist.

While browsing on Burpple you can ‘reburp’, which means to saving a food moment to your own box, and can easily share to Facebook and Twitter with a simple flick. When you ‘reburp’ a post, the user who first posted the food moment will also get credit.

Make a beautiful ‘FoodFolio’

They say that before you use your taste buds, your eyes takes the first bite and affect the taste. As a retired chef I know the importance of beautiful food, and love it when I feel that chefs really made an effort presenting their dish beautifully for me. And surely a photograph taken of an aesthetically pleasing dish is the best compliment you can give a chef with an eye for presentation!

And if you ask me, if someone felt a dish was pretty enough to take a pic with his iPhone of it, and then share it with me on an app, well I’d definitely give it a try…

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