Making the Carpool Cool: Hitch A Ride To Facebook Events

Posted on Monday, March 26th, 2012 by

Give yourself a lift…

This group of young upstarts are on a mission. They’ve built RideFrog, a handy little startup based completely on one of Facebook’s most popular features: events. And saving the environment too. How? Very simply: you connect your Facebook to RideFrog, see your upcoming events, find out who’s going to them, and let your friends know whether you’re prepared to drive, or whether you need a lift there. And that’s basically it!

It’s “green” because of the assumption that less cars will be driven to events. And the main use out of it for you, is that RideFrog makes it easier for you to organize yourself, and make sure you never miss an event because of a silly thing like a cancelled train. After all, your friends should be more reliable than public transport. And of course it’s cheaper (unless you’re paying for the gas…) If you don’t believe me, check out their rather sexy “How It Works” pic below, and then click here to organize your next ride.

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