What I Made – What Happens When a Creative Guy Lets Loose

Posted on Monday, May 9th, 2011 by

What I Made – When Scott Bedford’s eldest son started to draw, Scott realized he should revisit his childhood’s favorite past time and started creating and drawing again, too. As a creative industry professional, Scott decided to merge his two passions -creating and illustrating- and What I Made is where he shares his artistic projects.

Each project is something anyone could do, and the cool part about Scott’s endeavors is he always includes a step by step how-to illustration. One great example is the Coca-cola Light (see below).

What I Made is the proud winner of the prestigious 2011 Webby Award and
Webby People’s Voice Award for Best Personal Blog/Site. Aside from the unique concept of this blog, its overall design is simply stunning, and a quick visit to this blog will show you just why Scott’s spot won these awards.

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