Obama vs Romney: 10 Essential Websites You Need For Election 2012

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November 6th is just around the corner. The Presidential Debates are hotting up. So  as the Election 2012 countdown ticks down, here’s some interesting, unique and essential websites to help you navigate through the best Election 2012 coverage in our vast online world:


Check out these premade Bookmarks to follow Election 2012 coverage online

Election 2012 coverage will be on every news agency and website out there – quite overwhelming for a consumer really… So in order to save you time and confusion we have hand curated all the best, most relevant election 2012 coverage oriented websites out there! The result will give you a thorough perspective of the big day from all the top news websites, polls sites, commentary and of course the social networks too.

This top 10 list contains the best picks from our latest Politics – Elections 2012 bookmarks collection. Enjoy!

1. Presidential Debates 2.0: The Candidates’ Official Websites

If you’ve been following the Presidential Debates with a keen ear (and eye), you’ll want to check whether the speeches are backed up by substance. Of course there’s no better place to get a deeper picture of what the candidates mention in the Presidental Debates than their own official websites, no matter which side of the political scale you stand on.

Both Obama’s and Romney’s official Election 2012 sites offer all the latest news, facts, issues, principles and schedules. You will also find videos and quotes from the candidates, a way to connect with your preferred party and get involved in your own community, and an opportunity to purchase Election 2012 products such as stickers, pins and T-shirts of your candidate. Now, do not forget that these are their official sites so they might be a little biased… Visit both sites to get an overall picture of things, both sites of course report the same event with completely different narratives… Click either Obama or Romney for their official sites.


2. The all-round Democrat Supporter’s Solution

Election 2008 changed everything. Suddenly the election propaganda focus had shifted dramatically…

The Obama team stormed to victory with the unprecedented help of internet and social media, addressing a mass of people in the most effective way. To make sure all of you democrats out there who wish to stay on top of everything (and for all of you republicans industrial spies ;)), we have curated this set of Democratic bookmarks just for you: all the important Democrats websites accompanied by Obama’s and his supporting cast’s most relevant social media feeds (YouTube, Facebook and Twitter of course!). Consider yourself a true Democrat? Get connected so you’ll never miss anything important!


3. Check the online Republican home base

It’s arguable that a key reason behind the John McCain defeat in Election 2008 was the Republicans’ conservative use of online and social media election propaganda. You can bet your bottom dollar that the Romney team has no intention of making the same mistake for Election 2012!

The current Republican campaign is very internet and social media oriented; there’s more Republican websites than ever, active Facebook accounts of the important figures, YouTube videos that supports Romney and undermines the successes Obama and some very active Twitter feeds. We have gathered all the important Republican content for you in one comprehensive Homepage, curated only for you devoted Republicans, who wish to stay on top of everything this campaign (and to make it easy for Democrats industrial spies…;)). Are you a Republican to the bone? Check the Republicans’ visual bookmarks list for constant updates!


4. Catch Up on the Presidential Debates on YouTube!

There are tons of YouTube chanels dedicated to Election 2012; Democrats channel, Republican channel, News agencies channels etc. We chose to provide you with YouTube’s very own Politics channel, which in our view is actually the most thorough channel for Election 2012 coverage… by far! And it’s a useful way to catch up on the Presidential Debates too!

It  provides a vast, comprising and balanced stream of videos curated from the top news agencies and media organizations. Following the elections on YouTube makes the content more digestible and comprehensible, allowing you to see the candidate’s eyes while they state their arguments in the Presidential Debates. If you wish to watch the Elections 2012, YouTube’s Politics channel is definitely your online destination.


5. Keep Track of Surveys and Polls Results

If you want to become totally tuned in to Election 2012, you will want to keep track of the latest updated polls and surveys. On this criteria we chose two websites that in our opinion stands out from all the other polls websites. TMP’s Poll Tracker will supply you with electoral votes sorted by states, a 2012 Presidential Dashboard, shows recent polls and provides commentary regarding these poles and their implications.

The New York Times Poll Watch is probably the most esteemed polls and surveys site out there, with more than 30 years and nine presidential elections on their resume. The site provides recent polls from the New York Times and reviews from their top annotators.


6. How Will Election 2012 Affect You Financially?

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney may be being watched by tens of millions in the Presidential Debates, but most of the time, it’s impossible to really understand the implications of these Presidential Debate speeches on your own pocket. The impacts of election eve’s promises are critical on a personal, local and national point of view.

Politify is an amazing website on which you can forecast the financial impacts of political scenarios. You can know how either of the candidates will effect you personally, fill in your income and demographic details and Politify will show you under who’s government you personally will pay more taxes and who will be financially better for your local community. Consulting your wallet before you go vote? Then you must visit Politify for insights.


7. Check your Candidate’s Credibility

With just one month until Election 2012, the Presidential Debates are now in full flow. Which means a lot of bold, vague promises from both candidates and their election teams! And so along comes PolitiFact, a project by the Tampa Bay Times that provides an easy way to check the facts behind both candidates’ big pledges.

This project fact-checks statements by members of Congress, the White House, lobbyists and interest groups and rates them on a Truth-O-Meter. PolitiFact are also tracking campaign promises of President Barack Obama and Republicans in Congress. You can track the progress on the Obameter and the GOP Pledge-O-Meter on these links.

8. Election 2012 Goes Social: Get Involved Online…

It’s easy to sit every evening on your comfortable sofa and become a bystander excusing it by telling yourselves that politics is a game for others… Truth is, politics isn’t a game at all: it’s the core of democracy and everyone (yes even you!) can make a difference.

These sites will help you get involved: Votifi provides you with the opportunity to listen, be heard or both, letting you meet, engage with and express your political views to people around the country. Votocracy encourages you to use social media to get real, ongoing engagement between voters and candidates of all parties, allowing by that to get more voices involved and present more choices about what needs to be done. Votizen actually shows you a list of your friends and contacts who could vote for your candidate on November 6, and provides a platform for you to lobby your friends into voting for your guy!


9. Race for the White House yourself!

Well, I don’t know if you’re up to the task in the real world… but you can pretend you are one of the candidates by playing Election Game 2012: Race for the White House!

You can use your iPhone, iPad, and Android phones or tablets to be positioned in the political hot seat and manage your own election campaign. It’s a fun, highly strategic game in which you have to raise funds and spend your cash on advertisement, make television appearances to charm the public in the Presidential Debates, or run covert operations to outmaneuver your opponent.

You pick your favorite candidate (Barack Obama or Mitt Romney) and get your election campaign started. The pinch to zoom US campaign map allows you to navigate and travel the states and set your campaign priorities. These are just a few of the options this election game has to offer, you can download it for free here so don’t hesitate! The White House is waiting for you, Go and get it!


10. Get Election 2012 coverage on the go!

We live in a fast world, with the internet’s constant updates, and the never ending social media feeds and streams you cannot allow yourself to be disconnected for a second! In the hour it takes you to get from your home to work Obama might have had the biggest slip of the tongue of the century, Romney may burp in an interview and the Presidential Debates might get cancelled… Well, maybe not, but you get the idea!

Presenting m.allmyfaves.com/politics…  All the most relevant mobile coverage to help you keep up with the Presidential Debates now, and Election 2012 next month, curated by us only for you, our beloved users, so that you will not have to use your touch keyboard ever again… Browse through all that is interesting on your smart phone so that you will never miss any dramatic political event. Go to our Mobile Politics Faves and see for yourselves.



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