AllMyFaves: The Best iGoogle Alternative Homepage

Posted on Tuesday, October 9th, 2012 by

Hello! I’m AllMyFaves. I’m the most personalized, useful homepage that works both online and on your smartphone. So if you’re angry about Google’s announcement to shutdown iGoogle, you’ve come to the right place: AllMyFaves is the perfect iGoogle alternative. And here’s why…

Who needs iGoogle? AllMyFaves is the perfect homepage!

AllMyFaves is already the internet homepage for nearly two million monthly Internet users. In a lot of ways it’s a similar service to iGoogle – it’s a start page that you use to launch your web browsing, it greets you every day. It makes AllMyFaves an ideal iGoogle alternative. Unlike iGoogle however, where you personalize RSS feeds for your top news sources, AllMyFaves is a mobile home for all your favorite websites, for all your bookmarks.

AllMyFaves syncs your bookmarks across all browsers and platforms, whether online, on tablets or on Smartphones, and displays each of your favorites as a logo instead of text, which certainly makes life easier on touch devices.

AllMyFaves makes mobile web browsing easy

If you decide to go with AllMyFaves as your iGoogle alternative,¬†you’ll pretty much never have to type¬†searches in again to get to your favorite websites… Typing is the scourge of many mobile web users (including us!), so launching your mobile web browsing with touchable logos of all your bookmarks in front of you is a great help!

Fave it: How AllMyFaves works

It’s really simple to change your homepage over to AllMyFaves. After you join (connect through Facebook to make it quicker), you select your favorite websites, and then choose up to 7 interests. This will give you our hand-picked, curated collections of the best websites for whichever interest you pick – anything from books, art or photos, magazines, sports or cars.

This curation, combined with your own personalization – you can use our ‘FAVE IT’ button from any website to add it to your homepage, makes AllMyFaves the perfect iGoogle alternative.


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