DailyArt – App of the Week: A Work of Art, Every Day

Posted on Monday, October 15th, 2012 by

You know what they say… a work of art a day keeps the doctor away! Well, maybe not, but DailyArt is an app that could at least bring the art enthusiast out in you…

How well do you know your fine art?

Get ready to unleash your inner art enthusiast, because with the DailyArt app you’ll get a daily push notification with a classic art piece, straight to your iPhone or Android phone’s homescreen. It’s all very simple: you’ll open your notification, look at a classic painting, read a little tittle-tattle about the artist and the masterpiece itself and prepare to show off your new found art knowledge!

The content you receive is all classical masterpieces, some very famous and some quite unknown to the average Joe… Though the knowledge you will gain using this app may be a little superficial (the commentary is nothing more than a couple of sentences and a link to a Wikipedia page), the overall result of a few weeks’ exposure to DailyArt is at least a better understanding of the world of fine art.

Good for your soul… and social status!

The DailyArt app might make it possible for you to finally overwhelm your friends in those general knowledge quizzes you previously sucked at, impress your girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse, and most importantly, start to see art museums a good place to visit!

If you are new to art, have no fear! The app allows you to browse previous days’ masterpieces to help you brush up on your fundamentals… DailyArt is totally free, with no ads, no boring content, just pure art. So no excuses, get the DailyArt app and become the impressive, knowledgeable fine art critic you have the potential to become… Or have something nice to look at for a few seconds each day!

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