Zumper: Make Your Move

Posted on Wednesday, July 8th, 2015 by

zumper1Find homes and apartments for rent with Zumper.

Search For Apartment And Home Rentals

zumper4At this point, in 2015, it almost seems impossible to imagine what it was like to find apartments to rent before the Internet. There are so many helpful sites out there — Craigslist, Hotpads, Trulia, etc. — that finding a new home seems inseparable from logging onto the web. Zumper is another one of those sites, but it has a few features that sets it apart from its competition. On Zumper, you can submit a rental application and credit report in one click to every apartment or home that interests you. That tool simplifies the process to an incredible degree — no more dealing with real estate agents, landlords or lengthy applications and fees.


Apply Instantly!

zumper3In order to use the Instant Apply feature, you have to create an account on Zumper. After filling out all of your personal details and running a credit check through Experian, however, applying to new places is as easy as clicking a button. Zumper doesn’t host all the properties that you might find on other rental sites, but there are still tons of listings available. The service is also currently limited to the United States — although there are properties available in most major cities. Whether you’re looking to rent a new home or apartment for yourself or your family, using Zumper is definitely one of the easiest ways to both search and apply.


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