Zubie: Real Time Data About Your Car and Driving

Posted on Thursday, June 2nd, 2016 by

ZubieThere is a lot to know about your car. But instead of taking it in every time there is a question, have all the information right in the palm of your hand with Zubie.

Safety First

ZubieWe basically carry our whole lives in the palm of our hands these days, so why not have all of our car information easily accessible. Zubie connects your car to the internet to deliver real time location, trip history, when maintenance is needed, engine information, and driving insights. The best thing is, is that all this information is right on your smartphone. Zubie also provides in car wi-fi which will make your road trips a tad bit easier in the long run. In a sense, Zubie makes your car a smart car. The Zubie key can also switch between cars and track information for up to 3 cars. Zubie finally gives car owners the power to take care of their cars themselves, and not rely on mechanics to tell them when something is wrong.


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