Learn Languages While Watching Netflix

Posted on Thursday, June 2nd, 2016 by

LingvoWe spend ours watching our favorite shows on Netflix, so why not do something productive while doing it? Lingvo is the perfect mix of lazy and learning.

Netflix and Chill…AND Learn

LingvoNetflix asks if you’re still watching after a certain period of time, not only are you still watching, you’re still learning. Lingvo is the best way to feel like you’re accomplishing something while sitting in front of Netflix for hours on end. With Lingvo watch your favorite movies and TV shows while learning a foreign language. With the Lingvo app, you’ll be shown subtitles in the language of your choice while watching. Click on any word to translate it without stopping the movie. Every word isn’t necessarily important, so being able to translate what you want will help you learn at your own pace (and catch up on your favorite show). You can also pick whether the subtitles are in the language being learned, or the audio. How you learn is up to you. Next time you spend hours in front of your computer watching something, try learning a little something at the same time. Learn a language while catching up on all your favorites with Lingvo.


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