Zizoo: Boat Holidays Made Easy

Posted on Tuesday, July 26th, 2016 by

ZizooWho could possibly think of a better way to spend a vacation than on a gorgeous boat, sailing crystal clear waters? Make that vacation a possibility with Zizoo.

Come Sail Away

ZizooSpending your vacation lounging on a boat in the most gorgeous waters around the world, seems like a vacation many can only dream of. But what if that dream became a reality? Zizoo is the leading boat rental platform, helping boaters find the perfect boat for them for an amazing trip. Start by choosing your destination. Or if you can’t decide, browse through a list of locations for inspiration to find what’s best. Once you’ve decided on a location, pick a boat. Search by type of boat, size, price and other needs. Each search features pictures, reviews, skipper information, detailed boat descriptions. Now that you’ve found what works for you and your vacation needs, book the trip of a lifetime! Once you book it, choose easy payment options and pack your bags. Spending your vacation on an amazing boat, in a drop dead gorgeous location doesn’t have to be a fantasy anymore, find the perfect boat on Zizoo.


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