Yumsugar – Yummy Indeed!

Posted on Monday, June 29th, 2009 by

Yumsugar – YumSugar is a savory food blog, and what makes it so fantastic is its range of topics and the overall quality of content. As it is a food blog, you would expect the obvious cooking tips and recipes, which are indeed the ‘main course’ of the site, but it also offers numerous and lovely ‘side dishes’ (if we’re already on the pun side of things…), such as cool ideas for parties, latest food related news. What’s for desert? Choose from a list of yummy food polls.

Summertime for me is the season of succulent, sweet watermelons. If you haven’t really given this odd looking and over-sized fruit a try, I would suggest a tasty experimentation – YumSugar offers seven watermelon ideas that are way beyond the conventional.

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