Jockeyphone – Joke Around!

Posted on Monday, June 29th, 2009 by

Jockeyphone – It seems today there aren’t as many solid funny jokes as there used to be. It might have to do with my busy schedule or my ever-increasing age… Who knows? In any case, I still crave a good hard laugh following a great joke. Thank God Jockeyphone is here! This is a video site where users submit their jokes for the sake of everyone’s entertainment. The site is extremely easy to you use, and I particularly appreciated their greeting – an auto (shuffle) play of random jokes. In terms of browsing the available joke data base on Jockeyphone, I suggest going through the different channels and finding your favorite ‘joke teller.’ I especially enjoyed the way Chris Valenti tells his – he is so passionate about it as this video shows so brilliantly.

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