Your Brain on Poker

Posted on Friday, July 8th, 2016 by

Your Brain on PokerPoker is one of those addictive behaviors where facial expressions can mean everything. But what about the way our brain looks? See how our brains change during a simple card game with Your Brain on Poker.

Deal Me In!

Your Brain on PokerWe all react differently in certain situations and not only can we see reaction on our faces, our brains have reactions too. Poker is one of those addictive behaviors, where not only facial expressions mean everything, but our brains can give away information too. Your Brain on Poker shows what our brains look like when we play poker. If you think there is nothing to see, take a look for yourself. Your Brain on Poker shows a beginner’s brain, amateur, and an experts brain during different moves and plays throughout the game of poker. These plays include: raise, all in, call, deal, and more! While observing the images, users will see how much different parts of the game really changes our brains. Your Brain on Poker is an interesting experiment to observe and see how a few cards can change your whole brain!

Your Brain on Poker

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