ELSA: Your Virtual Pronunciation Coach

Posted on Friday, July 8th, 2016 by

ELSALearning English? Kick up your education with ELSA, and make sure you’re saying everything correctly. You’ll sound like a local in no time!

Let Yourself Be Heard

ELSAEnglish isn’t the easiest language to learn, and pronouncing some words is no easier. ELSA is here to help for those trying to learn English, and have better pronunciation. ELSA stands for English Language Speech Assistant, and it’s an app that’s a personal coach to help leaners from around the world speak English more correctly and confidently. The app provides so much support to ensure the best possible results. While practicing, ELSA will give instant feedback to help practice pronunciation regularly and effectively. The app has state of the art speech recognition analysis and can recognize areas that need improvement. Look up words with the pronunciation dictionary to help your accent stay neutral. The app was also designed by pronunciation experts and speech scientists, so learning is accent free. Keep ELSA┬áright in the palm of your hand, and have confidence that your English will be correct when speaking.

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