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Yonder JournalExplore the American Frontier with Yonder Journal and see what the wilderness has to offer.

There’s A Whole World Out There

Yonder JournalYonder Journal is the exploration of American Frontiers and Western Principles. Yonder Journal is made of cultural anthropologists and sportsmen who are drawn to the wilderness to explore, document and publish lasting and meaningful records of their experiences. Yonder Journal documents the different experiences these individuals experience and the whole journey, not just the destination. Each post is filled with pictures and descriptions, itineraries, thoughts, and everything to do with the trips they’re on. There are also briefs, so if you’re not into reading a long post the briefs are for you. And for those who are more of a visual learner, posts could simply be photo albums. A simple way to capture an event or experiences. For anyone who loves the outdoors and is drawn to the wilderness, Yonder Journal allows you to explore all those areas from the comfort from your own computer.

Yonder Journal

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