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Posted on Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015 by

EmojipediaFind out what your favorite emojis means on Emojipedia, because apparently they’re not all what we think.

What’s The Perfect Emoji For That?

EmojipediaEmojis are everywhere today, and they’re apart of pretty much every mobile conversation on the planet. There are thousands of emojis to choose from, and sometimes it’s hard to pick. But even when we think we’ve chosen the perfect emoji, it may be completely wrong. Emojipedia is helping us break down all the meanings any single emoji could possibly have. Emojipedia is the encyclopedia of emojis. There are quizzes and posts about what the true meaning of each emoji is, and apparently we’ve been all wrong about a lot of them. Simply pick the emoji you want to know more about, and find out all the possible meanings. There may be an obvious one, and some we never thought of. Another interesting learning moment of your emoji education is the visual aspect. Below the descriptions is what each emoji looks like from a different device (ex: iOS, Android, Galaxy, etc.). You only ever see what emojis look like on your own, so it’s cool to see what other people see. So before making an un-informed decision about which emoji to send, look it up on Emojipedia.


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