Xtranormal – Spielberg Called in Sick. You’re Up

Posted on Monday, April 5th, 2010 by

xtranormal Xtranormal – This site is pure, distilled fun. Xtranormal invites you to join the movie-making business, although on a smaller scale, but with all the set and shooting features. According to the creators of Xtranormal, this wonderful site’s mission is to “bring movie-making to the people.” How does it work? It’s quite intuitive; once you get to the homepage, you’ll get it. Basically, this site is based on typing text, and the well oiled Xtranormal machine turns it into a movie.

I suggest that you watch this movie (The Dinner) to see Xtranormal in action. As you’ll find out for yourself, the biggest downside to Xtranormal is the computer-generated speech, a monotonous Stephen Hawking-ish voice. As a result, no matter how well you make your movie, the voices of characters will forever be the one thing that sets this great website apart from Hollywood. At any rate, the experience that Xtranormal offers is an innovative and out-of-the-box one, even though the end result is not as normal as one would have hoped.


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