Workflow: Powerful Automation Made Simple

Posted on Saturday, March 19th, 2016 by

WorkflowWorkflow brings the productivity of a desktop computer to your iPhone or iPad.

Work Made Easier

WorkflowWorkflow connects apps and actions together to automate things we do on a daily basis from our phones. Every day, there things that stay constant when on our phones: check social media, read/send emails, take pictures, etc. So instead of opening and re-opening every app, Workflow puts all those actions into one place. Any combination can be added to a workflow, making the day a little easier. To build a workflow, just drag and drop together a series of actions. An action can be taking pictures/uploading them, pay for coffee, read the news, whatever you do the most in a day can be a workflow. There can also be multiple workflows for different types of actions: professional, personal, etc.


Take A Shortcut Once In A While

WorkflowWith Workflow, it takes only seconds to build them and there are endless possibilities. There are over 200 actions to use that make utilizing your the content on your device that much easier. Actions include: contacts, maps, music, reminders, safari, social media, everything you do on your phone can be added to a workflow. The workflows can then be added to the home screen too, so to use them you don’t even have to open the app. Each workflow can be customized with it’s own color and icon too for even more organization. There are infinite possibilities when it comes to Workflow, and they’re all there to make your daily life easier and who doesn’t want life to be a little easier?


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