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Posted on Saturday, March 19th, 2016 by

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Something A Bit Different

Primary.fmEvery once in a while, we find ourselves listening to our music collection and realize it needs a bit of an update. Sometimes it’s easier for others to tell us what to listen to based off of suggestions that searching through copious amounts of music on our own. With, listeners can discover new electric music all in one place. It works a bit like Pandora in the sense that users can star a song (instead of thumbs up), skip songs, share them and listen to new electric music for hours at a time. Each day there are new artists and songs are featured for more endless listening. Once users hear a track they’re really interested in, that song can be explored leading to more songs and artists that share a similar sound and style. also has two more genre sites: Wonder featuring Indie music, and White Label featuring Hip Hop. They’re also connected with SoundCloud for that much more music. Even if users have never listening to electric music before, is the place to start and to explore different artists and tracks.

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