Wondermind – Learn About the Brain – Brilliant Interactive Lessons for Kids

Posted on Monday, February 20th, 2012 by

Explore the Brain with fun games, videos and quizzes in an Alice in Wonderland themed world

Wondermind – If you have kids, and naturally they’re better at using the internet than you are, make sure you direct them towards this wonderful site. This is modern, online education for kids, as it should be. If you look back fondly at those ‘fun’ educational videos you used to watch at school, you’ll marvel when you see how these kind of video lessons have become so interactive and, well, actually fun!

Wondermind is a beautifully crafted, interactive video and game program that teaches kids (and grown ups too) about how the brain works. It’s created by Bafta award winning games studio Preloaded, interactive video director Martin Percy and a London University professor. And it slickly combines the science behind the brain with a mini Alice in Wonderland themed world of minigames, quizzes and videos.

Click here to have a go on Wondermind. And don’t hog it, your kids will want a go too 😉

These two jolly presenters do much of the teaching about the brain, after the games finish

The Mad Hatter's Tea Party game teaches you about how signals travel around the body from the brain. And it's pretty addictive!

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