Chill – Create & Share Collections of Cool Videos

Posted on Monday, February 20th, 2012 by – Facebook may be the master when it comes to sharing photos with your friends; but when it comes to video there’s still something missing: the ability to create a nice big collection of all your videos, and also collections of cool videos you’ve found on any particular subject across the internet, and show them off in one place. And luckily enough for us avid consumers of online video, Chill’s creators have addressed this gap.

You sign up with your Facebook account, follow a few suggested users based on your interests, plus any of your Facebook friends already ‘chilling’. And then you can view cool videos either from a stream of all these users put together, or by clicking on any user’s individual feed. The feeds are great looking, and really do come out like a lovingly created scrapbook of shareable videos. This idea really works best when it comes to creating a ‘collection’ of videos on any particular subject, like this (albeit slightly Apple-geeky) collection of Steve Jobs videos I decided to follow and share for example. And there’s also a bookmarklet that allows you to post videos you find around the net that you like onto your Chill board (and Facebook and/or Twitter if you want!) for you and your friends to view and share on.

A great concept that’s developing a growing following, click here to watch some cool videos on Chill.

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