White Label: Discover The Best New Hip-Hop

Posted on Monday, April 13th, 2015 by

whitelabel4White Label is a mobile app that recommends the best new hip-hop tracks, updated daily.

Soundcloud + Twitter = White Label

whitelabel1White Label is a music discovery app that charts the best new hip-hop songs being played and discussed online each day. By limiting the app to one specific genre, it succeeds and cultivating an active group of engaged listeners. If you like hip-hop and you download the app, it’s also more likely that you’ll find songs you like than you would if you use other music discover services. White Label syncs with Soundcloud, so you can stream songs directly from within the app. Each individual song fills the entire screen of the app, along with a picture of the artist and a short blurb about the track. You can swipe left and right to quickly discover new songs, which are added on a daily basis.

Engage With Fans And Artists

whitelabel2White Label also syncs with Twitter, giving fans instant access to the discussions taking place around a particular song. Hip-hop fans comprise one of the most active musical communities on Twitter, and it’s interesting to see the instant reactions to a particular track when it’s released on Soundcloud. whitelabel3Oftentimes the artist that created the song gets involved in the conversation, and a selection of his or her tweets are typically included beneath the song as well. You can also tweet from within the app to share your love of a song. White Label is available as a free download on the iOS App Store, Google Play and Amazon App Store. It’s a quick and easy way to discover new music, so it’s a must-download for any hip-hop fan.

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