Weekly Faves – September 17

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There are so many good sites out there, our goal is to bring you the best sites in each category. The most popular Faveline is our Weekly Faves line. The Weekly Faves is an eclectic mixture of the best upcoming sites.

The logos are great and provide easy access to your favorite sites, but sometimes a few words describing a site can make a difference between giving a site a chance and not giving a chance. So give them a chance, after all they are here for you.

Zoom And Go logo Zoom and Go – Meet other travelers or help others that are about to travel, the help provided is supplied in the form of reviews,vidoes, or pictures by other travelers. All info has been humanly observed by the editors of the site, so no spam for you.
Be a travel reporter and earn money, Zoom and Go will pay for any videos, pictures and hotel reviews that is accepted to the site, they even pay you just to sign up as a member.

Yuxt Yuxt – A social video bookmarking, It is the easiest way to bookmark, organize into collections, share and watch video from numerous sites, very simple and intuitive to use.

Squidwho logo SquidWho – Type in the name of someone famous(writer, musician, movie star, business person or politician), SquidWho willl show you the single best fanpage.

Dylan logo Dylan – A new Bob Dylan greatest song compilation is out in stores. Enjoy this cool own Dylan video editing site.

Ifood logo iFoods.tv – A new and hip way of interacting with other food lovers worldwide. Not only do you get to upload your own videos, develop your profile and prove your culinary genius to everyone but you also have the option of learning a few things from professionally produced video cooking tutorials that have been developed by two top class chefs.

myfamily logo MyFamily – Create a private family website to share photos and stories. Surely is a great way to connect with your family.

bloxorz logo Bloxorz – An addicting mind game. Just play it, you’ll love it.

Picli Picli – Share your photos and creative work online. Users can vote on every photo and most popular are continuously promoted to showcase gallery.

Lonely Planet TV LonelyPlanet.tv – Travel via video! Check out someone’s video travel diary from their safari in Kenya. See the view of Paris from the ascent of the Eiffel Tower. Wherever folks like to travel and bring along their video cameras, chances are you can find it here!

purevideo logo PureVideo – One video search. Results from all video sites. The google of video search.

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