Webflow: Build Professional Websites Visually

Posted on Wednesday, October 21st, 2015 by

WebflowBuilding a website is never easy, especially when coding is involved. But Webflow is making web design easy, by making it a visual process.

Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day

WebflowBuilding a website from the ground up can be a difficult and tedious process. Even if you’re an expert, coding takes time, and then once it’s built, it has to work. The process is much harder too if the builder has no idea what they’re doing. Webflow is simplifying the process of building a website and making it more of a visual process so everyone can create one, even if they have no experience. Webflow is eliminating the long building process, creating more time for you to enjoy your site and customize to your specifications.


If You Build It, They Will Come

WebflowFor anyone to use Webflow, it’s free (There could be a fee depending on other factors) and your website can be customized any, which way you want. Websites can be created for personal use or professional, there are no rules for your website. To get started, start with a blank canvas or chose a template for a little extra help. The templates make designing extremely easy, just drag your image into its’ spot and be done. It’s exactly like coloring in the lines, except Webflow won’t let you color outside of them. When creating, layouts will automatically adjust for each users’ needs and the different devices they use to access each site. Creating a professional looking website as always been somewhat of a process, but with Webflow, anyone can do it (and it will look good no matter what).


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