Watch the Debates: Every Debate Since 1960

Posted on Saturday, October 15th, 2016 by

Watch the DebatesWe’re well into election season, which means lots of debates to watch. Find all the debates on Watch the Debates.

The Issues that Matter

Watch the DebatesElection season is in full swing, which means every other commercial is about candidates and debates are frequent. If you’re a lover of the debates or curious about past debates, Watch the Debates has them all. Watch the Debates is home to every debate (Presidential and Vice-Presidential) since the 1960s. The current debates have been pretty heated and thanks to social media, more talked about than ever. But it’s still important to take a look back at past debates. Filter by year or issue, track specific issues, react to content and watch current debates live. Or it’s a great resource for writing papers, quoting candidates or even just seeing how the issues of the United States have changed from decade to decade. The debates are an important part of campaigns, so know what’s going on during them in Watch the Debates.

Watch the Debates

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