Airtable: Organize Anything

Posted on Sunday, October 16th, 2016 by

AirtableWe do so much in our lives, that it’s hard to keep everything organized. This problem may have just been solved with Airtable.

It’s All in One Place

AirtableWe take on so many projects, that it can be hard to keep it all organized on top of our day to day lives. Thanks to Airtable, organizing anything and everything in our lives just got a whole lot easier. Until now, we keep track of everything based on how technology tells us to. But Airtable is completely the opposite, we tell technology how to organize. Airtable can be used individually, or with a group. Each person can keep track of their projects and information (lists, charts, pictures, videos, etc.) and then share with others that is relevant to them. Users can filter out other people’s work if it doesn’t apply to them, and they don’t need that information. Everything you work on can be saved in within Airtable, so you never have to refer somewhere else to find what you’re looking for. Airtable also works on smartphones, so don’t worry if your computer isn’t in reach. Organization is key, and Airtable agrees.


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