Vnyl: A Vinyl Record Membership Club

Posted on Tuesday, November 10th, 2015 by

VnylListening to music on a vinyl record is still the choice for many, so VNYL is helping keep that alive.

Listening To Music Old School Style

VnylVnyl is a vinyl record membership club. If you ask a majority of individuals what a vinyl record is, some either don’t know what you’re talking about, or they think it’s something from the old days. But if you’ve ever listened to music on a vinyl, you know there is something special about the way it sounds, it’s not digitally remastered like todays music. With a Vnyl membership, subscribers receive 3 hand curated records specific to you every month. The records are based on your music tastes allowing the collection to be unique to you. A membership also gives subscribers access to the Member Store. There are 4 steps to getting vinyls sent straight to your door. First, create a profile and add a little information about your music preferences. Second, choose a #vibe every month. The hashtag describes how you’re feeling, so Vnyl can send you music that matches your vibe. Doing it each month, ensures a different selection is delivered (no repeats). Third, vinyl records are chosen for you and then sent to you each month (make sure your turntable is ready). Last decide whether you want 1 or 3 records each month, and enjoy! Vnyl also has a store equipped with listening stations and a wide variety of music for listening and purchasing. Vnyl is keeping the record music listening alive, and sharing the love with anyone who appreciates it.


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