Beepi: Car Buying & Selling In The 21st Century

Posted on Tuesday, November 10th, 2015 by

BeepiBeepi helps move cars from the current owners to others who need them. Beepi is car buying and selling for the 21st century.

From Sleepi To Beepi

BeepiBeepi is changing the way individuals decide to by and sell used cars, a method that hasn’t been changed for decades. To by a used car, buyers would have to visit a dealership, mechanics or show up and a random person’s house to check out a car. Beepi is replacing all of those methods with a system that connects buyers and sellers. There’s no negotiating, or surprises, meaning a better price for everyone involved. Most people try to avoid buying a new car as long as they can because it can be such a daunting process that takes lots of time and energy that most people don’t want to exert. Beepi does all the work for you, leaving you more time to relax or enjoy your new car.


A Win/Win For Everyone

BeepiBeepi is the system to use for buying a car, and selling a car. One process for both ends of a transaction is definitely one way to create the buying/selling process a whole lot easier. If you’re the seller, give Beepi all the basic details regarding your car. A mechanic is then sent to inspect your car at your own home! They work with your schedule, not the other way around. The mechanics set the price and once it’s sold, they’ll drive to the new owner. Beepi is great for buyers too. Buyers can be sure they’re getting a car that’s been inspected and certified by a professional. It coms with a 10 day money back guarantee and the car will be delivered right to your door. Beepi also takes care of the title, the plates, and all of the paperwork. Beepi is basically your personal assistant when it comes to buying and selling a used car.


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