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Posted on Monday, November 9th, 2009 by

uniquedaily Unique Daily – A couple of months ago we launched our new blogs page, and also created a personal Mini Faves user page celebrating the best of each blog faveline. In addition, we contacted the featured blogs and asked them to suggest their best picks in each respective category. Nahum Dam, creator of Oddee.com – listed on the Off Beat Mini Faves page – responded with his suggestion of UniqueDaily. That’s how we learned of this super cool blog. We love interacting with our users and creators of featured sites on All My Faves; we love to hear your thoughts and what sites rock your boat. Rest assured, we thoroughly examine each and every recommendation, and if we feel it’s worth a spot we feature it. So what are you waiting for? Contact us with your suggestions.

Back to UniqueDaily, this is a blog offering a different kind of entertainment. You will find here “unique content found on the wacky internets” – or in other words, articles, photos and videos of obscure and unconventional things. This is quite different than the kind of entertainment one will find on EW.com. Below are two of my favorite posts.

Japanese Dude Smashes Florescent Bulbs

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