UN Women: Women’s Footprint in History

Posted on Friday, March 25th, 2016 by

Women's Footprint in HistoryWomen have been on this earth just as long as men, and it’s important their stories are told too through Women’s Footprint in History.

Step It Up For Gender Equality

Women's Footprint in HistoryThroughout history men have accomplished a lot in a variety of fields, but so have women. Women’s Footprint in History highlights the accomplishments of many women across all professions. From every era, century, and decade there have been women who are changing life as we know it. Not only for women, but for everyone. There were doctors, athletes, mothers, scientists, and as our world develops, there will be more great women in the future. Even with all of the accomplishments women have achieved, women are still not equal to men in many fields. Many opportunities aren’t as strong, and pay is not equal just to name a few. By honoring and remembering the women of the past, it will help pave a way for girls today and women of the future. Explore history with the UN Women’s project: Women’s Footprint in History.

Women's Footprint in History

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